Things you should do when visiting a newborn baby


We’ve talked before about what you should never do when visiting a baby (link to “Things you should never do when visiting a newborn baby”). It’s now time to discuss the things that new parents expect you to do when you pay them a visit. Many of these rules seem common courtesy for a parent, but people who don’t have a baby might not realize they are an issue.

Parents are the ones who should decide when it’s appropriate for you to visit

Always call before visiting a new parent. Usually they have the day already planned and between changing diapers, feeding the baby, putting the baby to bed and trying to have time for themselves there is not much time left for socialising. When you plan for a visit, don’t be late and don’t overstay your welcome.

Wash your hands

Give the parents some peace of mind that when you touch their baby you do it with clean hands. Also, don’t put your friends in the awkward situation of having to ask you to wash your hands.

Always buy a gift on your first visit

Most of the parents expect you to bring a gift on your first visit. If you decide to buy a gift for the mom, make sure that it’s something practical. It doesn’t hurt to call and ask what she needs. If you decide to buy something for the baby, like clothes or toys, make sure they are age appropriate.

Find some nice things to say to the new mom

You need to know that she’s been through a lot lately. She’s exhausted, she’s trying to get used to the new baby, and at times it can get tricky. Pay her a compliment and try to make her laugh.

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