World Cup 2018 Betting Site & Promotions

  • World Cup 2018 is not just another Football tournament. This one is only celebrated once every 4 years, also each team represents their respective countries. With 32 teams playing, this is truly a gold mine for Football fans across the globe. Also, there are dozens of worldcup betting sites which will have a special promotion just for the event. Just like the World Cup 2018 betting site & promotions that will be discussed on this blog post.

    How to Join the Promo

    To join the promotion, first, you must be a member of the worldcup betting site. After that, make sure to have your accounts reloaded with real money. Next, join the biggest lucky draw reward point world cup 2018. Lastly, place real money bets on any type of wager. Then you will get a lucky draw ticket for each time you reached the required betting limit. The more tickets you get, the higher the chance for you to win the promo.

    World Cup 2018 Daily Lucky Draw

    The promotion have a prize pool of more than MYR 14,000. Three lucky winners will win the major prizes up to MYR 3,000. For people who didn’t win the major prizes, do not worry because there will be 400 consolation prizes draw. It may be small but it still can help you in your worldcup betting experience. A good thing about this promotion is that it doesn’t limit on how many times you could win, including the major prizes. Some members have already won thrice and they still have chance to win as long as the event comes to a close.


    Come and join the world cup 2018 betting site & promotions to make your worldcup betting experience even better than before. Do not waste time for looking where to bet and watch world cup 2018, instead, try this site and you might not leave ever again.